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Connecting our hometown to its rich history
  Purcellville - Safe Deposit Vault Building   The Purcellville Preservation Association  

is a private, nonprofit 501(c) 3 membership organization dedicated to promoting community pride, awareness and the preservation of the historic, architectural, and cultural heritage of Purcellville, Virginia.

Through advocacy initiatives, educational programs, architectural resources, and cultural events, the association's goal is to encourage the community to learn about and save the historic properties, streetscapes, landscapes and rich heritage of its townspeople that make it special.

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3rd Saturday in September 
Purcellville's Carver Center

We hope you can join us for our PPA planning meeting
Monday,  May 5th, 2014 at Purcellville Town Hall, WO&D Conference room at 6:30pm. 
We will be discussing details about the PPA's role in the Inaugural 2014 Purcellville Music and Arts Festival on May 17th. We are in need of volunteers. It will be a fun filled day of History, Music and Art. If you can not make the meeting and would like to volunteer please contact Jenn Coy, PPA President at jenn.e.coy@gmail.com

PPA Student Photo Contest Cash Prizes $$$

How do you define a historic space? Is it a place withstanding the trials of time? Is it an ordinary space thatís significant to you, such as a favorite booth in a restaurant: an old, shade-y tree? A corner on a street? Could you tell a story with a photo? 

If so, the Purcellville Preservation Association is hosting a student photography contest! Our goal is to promote the rich social and cultural experiences we weave together in places now historic, and those that may become so. The ĒLiving History in PurcellvilleĒ student photo contest is your opportunity to enrich our understanding of the many aspects of our community through your story. You donít need an expensive camera, just a willingness to share a part of your history.

All participants must reside in Hamilton, Hillsboro, Purcellville or Round Hill, and be in grades 1-12. All photos must be of people and places in those locations. Contestants will be divided into two groups: grade 1-7, and 8-12. Qualified participants will submit a 5◊7 photograph printed on photography paper. Photos in question can be in any color variation that enhances the photo. On the back of the photo include the contestantís name and address, as well as the name and email address of someone who can be contacted about the entry. This information will not be displayed.

Entrants will also submit a 4-5 sentence description, typed in Times New Roman font 12, of the personal and historical significance of persons and the site in the photograph. Immediately below the paragraph please include the contestantís name, grade and school.

All entries must include both the 5◊7 photo as well as the typed paragraph. The exclusion of one or the other will result in immediate disqualification without notification. All entries must be received by May 4. Note: entries will not be returned. Please send entries to: PPA Student Photo Contest, c/o K. Young, 210 S. Orchard Dr., Purcellville, VA 20132.

First, second and third prizes for each group will be awarded at the Arts and Music Festival on May 17 at Firemanís Field. All entries will be displayed at Around the Block Books downtown until the second week of May.

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