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"There is great comfort in being connected to the history of Purcellville. In learning about its history the past comes to life in the present and anchors us in a larger whole, connecting us to the past, grounding us firmly in the present, giving us a sense of identity and roots, belonging and purpose. It is through organizations like the PPA that allows us to have this connection to our hometown."


Proud Accomplishments of the Purcellville Preservation Association 

• The Historic Plaque Program is being developed by the PPA to promote awareness of the older structures in our town as well as promote a sense of pride in the historical aspects of the town. The overall goal is to continue to promote the preservation and rehabilitation of older structures by awarding specially made plaques on homes and buildings. For more information or to apply for a plaque, please contact Chairperson Cathy Darby 703-727-3085

• The PPA’s first restoration project was the Mahlon-Taylor Springhouse on the east side of town. 

• With a special committee "Save the Train Station," along with the Town’s Park and Recreation Advisory Committee, the historic train station, long abandoned at the end of the W&OD Trail, was restored and now serves the Town of Purcellville. 

• The Vintage Town & Country Tour  showcase of historic homes and structures around town. Walking Tour brochures are at town Office.

• Plantings throughout town are an on-going beautification effort in Purcellville coordinated by the PPA. 

• To hold on to the memories of yesteryear in Purcellville, a special committee compiled recipes and remembrances of days gone by in The Spice of Life Cookbook

• As cherished mementos, the PPA has provided replicas of historic Purcellville structures for itsChristmas Ornament Program. Ornaments are available at the Town Hall Christmas Celebration each December. 

• In memory of a special friend and preservationist, Bruce Brownell, the PPA organized and helped fund a commemorative Town Clock in front of the Magnolia’s Restaurant. 

• An oral history The Stories Behind the Story of Purcellville. A special presentation produced by the Purcellville Preservation Association with townspeople sharing precious legacies, community traditions and intimate memories of our town over the last century, capturing information about Purcellville's past before it disappears. We now have a very limited supply of the DVDs This makes for a great gift for those interested in our hometown! Contact Cathy Darby at Secretary@ppa-va.org

• The PPA works with the Friends of Carver and the alumni association of the Carver School and Douglas High School on The Emancipation Celebration event every 3rd Saturday of September at The Carver Center.  Gospel and blues music, children's activities, a luncheon, awards presentations, lectures and slide show programs are part of the celebration. If you would like to be involved with this program contact Cathy Darby at Secretary@ppa-va.org

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